Christmas Decorating Concepts for the Home

Decorate with personal style - to reflect a design all your own, states Minneapolis designer Corbin Seitz. Here are her pointers on fixing up your house for the vacations, without investing a treasure. Drawing on items from her own collections, Corbin Seitz uses something old, something new, something green and red and blue to turn areas of her house into warm, joyful spaces to invite friends and family.
For a table linen, an ancient shawl is curtained over the dining table (left) and accentuated with a mat made from ancient fabric. Ruby goblets, her granny's silver, and also an antique medal holding clean white lilies brighten the tabletop.
Blue and white pots hold red roses atop an antique chest (far right).
Swags of greenery, red bows, and roses kept fresh in vials continue her red-and-green theme up the stairway railing (right).
Wanting a white Christmas? Embellish your house with this bright wreath.
Grapevine Centerpiece Wreath
White spray paint
22-inch-diameter grapevine wreath
Two strands clear Christmas lights with white-coated wires
Glass bowl to fit inside wreath
5 crystal bead clusters (readily available in bridal or floral area of crafts store).
Clear, silver, or frosted glass ornaments.
Acrylic branches or clear stars (available at crafts stores) and fine gold wire, for making the stars.
Home Improvement
Spread out the papers in a well-ventilated location. Spray-paint the wreath white, making sure all the surface areas are covered. Let the wreath dry for two days.
Wrap the wreath with one hair of white lights. Put the wreath on the table, then put the bowl inside the wreath. Tuck the bead clusters into the wreath.
Wad up the 2nd hair of lights and position it in the bottom of the bowl. Fill the bowl with the ornaments. Tuck crystal twig stars * around the edge of the bowl.
* To make the crystal branch stars, break the acrylic branches into five pieces. Organize the branches in to a primitive star shape. Use thin gold wire to join the branches at each crossway, winding the wire around the branches numerous times and also curling the loose ends around a toothpick.
Wheat Starburst Wreath.
The simple lines and materials discovered in this Scandinavian door ornament add a burst of natural elegance. Here's how to make one.
About 100 stems of wheat.
Light-colored flower wire.
2-inch-diameter metal ring.
Hot-glue weapon and glue sticks.
Ivy leaves (silk or maintained).
Cranberries (real or artificial).
Cut the wheat at the very first joint listed below the head (don't suffice straight listed below the head). Slip off the outer sheaf. Soak the leading 5-6 inches in warm water for 20 minutes. Remove the wheat from the water; cover it in a moist towel for 20 minutes more. Collect five stems of the wheat and tie them together just listed below the heads utilizing a 4-inch length of floral wire. Braid the wheat, flattening the braid as you work. Intertwine the wheat for about 2 inches.
Insert the ends of the wheat through a 2-inch-diameter ring; cover the ends around the ring to the back. Wrap the wheat loosely with wire so that the ends splay out beyond the heads.
To support the braids, weave the raffia about the braids near the ring. Do not conceal the braiding or crowd the heads. Or, hot-glue a ring-shaped support of fabric or cardboard to the wreath. Hot-glue ivy leaves to the base of the wheat heads, permitting the intertwining to reveal. Glue the cranberries over the ivy leaves.

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